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Who is Terry Weatherill?

Me_2Hi I live live in Cleethorpes on the East Coast of the UK with my wife and two children, I work full time as an Ambulance Paramedic and also teach First Aid in my spare time.

I started attempting to make money online in 2008 and have had varied success making money, I have learned a large amount in the past 5 years and have also had coaching from the likes of:



  • John Thornhill
  • Dave Nicholson
  • Alex Jeffreys

All these very successful marketers have all had an influence on my Internet Marketing career, and I have learned a lot from all of them. Unfortunately although I have learned a lots I haven’t put all I’ve learned into action.

I have now decided that things have to change as I’m fast approaching 55 years of age and would like to maybe retire from the Ambulance Service between 55 and 58?  To this end I have now got myself a mentor in the shape of Rob J Temple, Rob has been a successful marketer online since 2009 and is aiming to earn $1.2m this year. I would love it if you could follow me on this exciting journey, which will be chronicled in my blog, just look for the category ” Rob J Temple’s Online Wealth Blueprint Coaching Program”

I hope that you can keep coming back to my blog  and that you can learn some things that might help you earn money online too.

To your success




One thought on “About Terry

  1. Ray Boreham

    Hello, Terry,

    Just stopped by to take a look at your blog. So, you’re from Cleethorpes. Now that place brings back memories! I grew up near Barnsley and my Mam and Dad used to take us over to Cleethorpes for day trips whenever it looked like we might have a decent day. Of course, it invariably rained by the time we got there, but we always had a great time – even if we hardly ever saw the sea!

    Best of luck with your goal, and I’m sure, with Marc’s help, we’ll all get there.


    P.S. Your story sounds similar to mine, in that we’ve gone through a lot of the same coaching and seen very little progress due to lack of action taking. Time to fix that!


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