Day 21 – Only Ten Days To Go and Still Going Strong

Hi all and welcome to day 21 of my personal blog challenge…………….I’m Santagetting very excited for two reasons….

1. Its Christmas in 4 days time 🙂

2. I’ve only got 10 days to go to complete my personal blog challenge……

Yes only 10 days 🙂 I must admit when I first decided to do this challenge I wasn’t aware of how difficult it would be, but I was warned, having said that I feel like I have proved something to myself and that I have achieved something…………….

Unfortunately I have always been one of these people that start something but seldom finish it, and, my focus hasn’t always been the best. But doing this challenge, I have proved to myself that, if I try really hard I can finish a project and I can focus when I want to.  I am going to take what I have learned and start a new beginning for myself, a more challenging and focused future, where I do complete projects and see the results………

As I said in a previous post focus means:

Follow  One  Course  Until  Successful  🙂

I think we’re all guilty of going after the next best thing and the next and the next, whereas what we need to be doing is focusing on one thing at a time and seeing it through to the bitter end.


On a lighter note, because I am writing this post at 21.53 UK time on the 21st December the world didn’t end, as the Mayans predicted 🙂 mind you I did read some bizarre accounts of what people around the world were going to do in preparation for ” The  Apocalypse” from building an Ark ready for the floods, to going up a mountain in France which was supposed to house an alien spaceship. Anyway we’re all still here that’s the main thing and we’re all going to have a great Christmas and a very prosperous New Year, I’m sure 🙂 I’m off now to have a well earned glass of wine and chill out in front of the TV

See you again tomorrow 🙂

5 thoughts on “Day 21 – Only Ten Days To Go and Still Going Strong

  1. Linda

    Hey Terry,

    Congrats on your personal challenge.

    You sound like me with having to many projects and not having a focus. Everyone keeps telling me to concentrate on 1 thing, so that is what I have been doing…I still get side tracked though, especially now as like you said Christmas is 4 days away and I am still cleaning, making gifts and then still have to wrap them.

    Crazy nonsense about the mayan calendar, huh?

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas a very Happy and Prosperous if I don’t make it over here again before the end of the year!


    1. Terry59 Post author

      Hi Linda, thanks for commenting on my blog, and seeing as I am now writing this reply on the 28th December we’ve all survived the end of the world 🙂
      Have a great and prosperous New Year

  2. Phil


    Site’s looking good.
    I deviated from John’s recommended template but it’s still a work in progress.

    I agree with a lot of the sentiments you expressed in this blog.
    When I started with the 30 day challenge, it looked like an uphill battle.

    But to be honest, I got to about 13 days & got caught up in my own product creation. I know this slowed down by blog updates but my plan is to document EVERYTHING in my progress!

    Then I’ll have tons of content for my blog soon

    Keep up the good work

    1. Terry59 Post author

      Hi Phil, I must admit it has been an uphill slog but……the end is in sight, thanks for your kind words and have a great New Year 🙂

  3. Dean Thompson

    Hi Terry,

    Although this task has proved tough you can take so much from it.

    It’s taught you that with focus you can accomplish tasks and see them through to the end.

    I think this will be invaluable in taking your business forward.

    I also think, even with 10 days left, that you’ll have accomplshed a very difficult task. A task that appears easier on paper than it does to physically do it.

    Here’s to your success.



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