Day 27 – 3 Ways To Make A PLR Package Unique

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Hi and welcome to day 27 of my blog challenge………………today I’m goingSanta and snow to talk about something that I have a real interest in and that is Private Label Rights products. Now some marketers feel that either Private Label Rights, or PLR for short, products are cheating in some respects or, they feel that using PLR is not worthwhile. But…………..I feel that if done properly and sympathetically PLR products can provide you with some really fresh products.


Probably the most important factor for being successful with Private Label Rights products is customizing it in one or more ways to make it unique. If your audience can’t identify it as being the same offer as another marketer who also picked up the rights, you won’t need to worry about competition so much. In this article we’re going to look at 3 ways you can make your PLR more unique.



Probably the easiest way to make it unique to your visitors’ eyes is to create new graphics for it. That means new ecovers and sales page graphics in the case of an ebook or other info product, new headers or theme graphics for website templates, etc.

You can do this yourself if you’re comfortable with graphic design or you can outsource it. Sites like and the Warriors For Hire section on the Warrior Forum have plenty of people who do this type of work for relatively low cost. The few dollars you spend on new graphics can pay you back many times over.



Another way you can customize your PLR is by repurposing the content into other formats. You could create a video and/or audio version of an ebook, for example. These types of changes can add a lot of value to a package and if someone is comparing your offer to another marketer who is selling the same PLR, that additional content will usually convince them to buy from you.

You could even go a step further and create a “home study course” out of a digital product. Videos can be transferred onto DVD, ebooks turned into hardcopy books and so on. This will often take a package that might sell for $27-47 in digital form and make it into one that can sell for $197-297 in physical form.



Bundling several PLR packages together into a larger, more complete offer can also be quite effective. They should be related to the same general topic, and ideally they would complement each other in some way.

This is more than just offering another package as a “bonus” mind you – it’s really combining two or more PLR packages into a single larger package that covers a wider range of information.

Of course, you can also combine two or all three of these ideas to really make your offer unique. If you combine two or three PLR packs into a single product, have new website graphics made and then offer an upsell for a physical version, you can make some serious money.

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