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Hi and welcome to my latest blog post and a Happy New Year to you Happy Ney Yearall…………….well what a time I had in December doing my personal blog challenge-posting everyday throughout December. It was hard but……….it was interesting too 🙂

I also proved to myself that if……there is sufficient motivation that I can do anything I want to………I had told quite a few people on Facebook that I was going to do my challenge so that meant that I had to do it or suffer the consequences. So that’s what I did I got stuck in got my head down and off went, there where times when……..quite frankly I could have easily just given up, but, because I’d broadcast to the world, well friends on Facebook :-), that I was going to do it I had no option but to complete it, I actually became answerable for my actions.

As far as traffic to my site was concerned, although it wasn’t massive in the great scheme of things, it was acceptable and varied. What I did notice was a spike of traffic when I posted a comment on Facebook or on Twitter.


The sources of traffic to my blog were as follows:

1. facebook.com / referral   141 visits

2. (direct) / (none)    58 visits

3. twitterfeed / twitter   32 visits

4. m.facebook.com / referral    35 visits

5. dansumnerblog.com / referral   18 visits

6. listjoe.com / referral    16 visits

7. otogoldmine.com / referral  4 visits

8. bartnash.com / referral   3 visits

9. docthecoach.com / referral   3 visits

10. andrewstark.com / referral   1 visit

11. daveballonline.com / referral   1 visit

12. juliaharriscoaching.com / referral   1 visit

13. paulo-blog.com / referral   1 visit

14. terry-weatherill.com / referral  1 visit


Now like I said before, although I didn’t tear up any trees, as you can see my number one source of traffic all the way through was good old Facebook, followed by Twitter at number 3. I discounted direct traffic at number 2, because a lot of that was visits by me to my blog.  Interestingly enough blog commenting/visits came out quite well too.




As you can see from the above image I had spikes in my traffic and those spikes came when I posted a comment on Facebook.  I think its safe to say that if done properly, that Facebook, or any other social media site can be a very good source of traffic.


Now that I have had a rest I think my next project will be to investigate some other traffic sources and see which ones give me the best result. At the minute I’m not sure how I’m going to do it but as soon as I have decided I will write another post with the information. Hope that you have enjoyed reading this post and as always please leave a comment below.

Take care

Terry Weatherill


10 thoughts on “Overview of my personal blog challenge

  1. Paul Henderson

    Hey Terry

    that’s an interesting post. I think it’s important we all understand the value of getting traffic to our blogs. The trick is to keep the traffic coming in the gaps between posts.

    For most people, myself included, that’s something I haven’t quite worked out yet.

    I look forward to hearing how your traffic quest goes.

    All the best buddy,


    1. Terry59 Post author

      Hi Paul
      Very true what you say about keeping up the momentum of traffic, this is why I’m going to try some other traffic tactics, thanks again

  2. Pauline

    Hi Terry
    I found your blog through John Thornhill’s Inner Circle group on Facebook, so you have proved your point about gaining traffic through Facebook 🙂
    I find that blog commenting on many niche related blogs is a great way to increase your traffic, even between your posts if you visit other blogs (start with 5 a day) and leave a good comment you will gain more traffic and of course build up relationships with other bloggers.
    I would love to know if it works for you if you try it, it worked for me LOL
    Thanks for sharing, hope you have a great day

    1. Terry59 Post author

      Hi Pauline
      Blog hopping, which I first heard from Alex Jeffreys, is going to be one of my traffic tactics. I will let you know how I get on

    1. Terry59 Post author

      Hey Doc
      Just read you post about me on your blog, thanks for the kind words I feel very humbled 🙂
      I have now decided after a few years of procrastinating to just put my head down and get on with it, will let you know how I get on

  3. Dave E Wilkes

    This is very interesting Terry.
    In fact, I came across this post through Facebook and so it does seem to be a good source of traffic.

    I am impressed with you keeping up the challenge – especially through December! I hope you still managed to get your Christmas shopping done?

    A month is a long period of time to commit to posting each and every day.

    Congratulations! and all the best for your next traffic research, I am interested in seeing how it pans out for you

    1. Terry59 Post author

      Hi Dave
      Thanks for your comments and support, yes I did manage to get my Xmas shopping done 🙂 and work and everything else.
      But I must say it was hard work but also rewarding, it taught me that with some focus you can achieve what you want, thanks again

  4. Dean Thompson

    Hi Terry,

    Your achievement throughout December was certainly one to be proud of.

    Although I have only been on Facebook myself for a couple of months, I have seen Facebook shoot to the top of my traffic source list.

    We seem to be following a similar path, in the respect that my next aim for my blog is to start driving more traffic to it through various means.

    I’ll be following John Thornhills Simple Traffic Solutions so I’ll keep you posted.

    Here’s to your success in 2013 Terry.


  5. Sue Worthington

    Hi Terry

    Really well done!
    I am doing the Ultimate Blog Challenge this month and it is so difficult to blog every day!
    Have you heard of the UBC – gets you lots of traffic
    There is a challenge every quarter so the next one will start on 1st April

    I also have a blog commenting circle in my FB group if you are interested let me know

    Best Wishes


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