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Hi all hope your well and not too cold with all this snow, the other day I was IM confusionprivileged to attend a webinar run by Lee McIntyre. In this webinar he talked about starting a web business in three simple steps:

  • Finding an offer – finding or creating a product to give away.
  • Building your conversion system – Creating a Squeeze Page System.
  • Getting traffic – Driving traffic to your page.


So  I thought I’d look at these three in more detail…………………………


Finding or creating an offer to give away

This is the first part of your system, to find a product or create one to give away.  Out of the two finding a product is a lot easier than creating one but……. if you create one it will be unique and no one else will be promoting it.  So how do you find out what sort of products people are looking for? well first of all you have to think what areas people are looking in, this is also known as a niche.  The niche that you go for has to be what is known as ” Evergreen” i.e. the information will never go out of fashion……..and the three main evergreen niches are:


  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Lifestyle


Within these main niches are what is called sub niches i.e.


  • niche health-sub niche weight loss,
  • niche wealth-sub niche make money,
  • niche lifestyle-sub niche self improvement


After that you can then ” drill down” even further if you want to, the trouble is some of the niches are too broad so you may have to look a little deeper to find a sub niche to go into, i.e. weight loss for busy mothers, or making money ideas for students

Once you’ve decided what niche you’re going to go into the next thing to decide is what to promote, now I could start talking about Keyword research and web trends etc……. but I’ve found the easiest thing to do is go to places like Clickbank, Amazon and even Ebay and see what people are searching for and buying.

One of my favorite is Clickbank, just log on go to the Marketplace and look down the left hand side at all the categories  these are all niches and sub niches……………..

Go to Amazon and click on the drop down menu at the top, again you’ll find a list of categories, all potential niches. visit Ebay and look down the left hand side at the categories all possible niches.

Another good site for possible niches is if you go to this site again down the left hand side is a list of categories, and, you’ve guessed it………………all possible niches.  So as you can see there a lots of sites you can go to to look for potential niches and sub niches.


Once you have found a niche you’d like to enter, how to you find a product to give away? Well there are lots and lots of sites on the internet where you can obtain E-Books, Software and video’s with ” Giveaway Rights” that you can give away.  Just go to Google and type in ” Free PLR Products” and you will get a long list of sites where you can download products to give away.

Three of my favorite product sites are, Surefire Wealth,  Resell Right Mastery and  PLR Wholesaler  all of these sites have lots and lots of products you can give away on your squeeze page.


Once you have decided on your niche and found a product to give away, the next thing is to build your conversion system or squeeze page……….and that’s what we’ll be looking at next time,

Until then, take care

Terry 🙂


8 thoughts on “Internet Marketing Business Simplified

  1. George Nieves

    Hi Terry,
    Thanks for simplifying things! There are many who like to make things sound complicated.
    Once you feel something is complicated, one starts to feel overwhelmed. This quickly leads to information overload.
    You laid out a great battle plan in your post.
    Just remember, things don’t have to be complicated, in order to work. Keep it simple!
    All the best in 2013!

    1. Terry59 Post author

      Hi George thanks for your comment, its true what you say once you start to over complicate things then you can get overwhelmed and frustrated, thats when people quit

  2. Justin

    Thanks Terry

    This seems like a straight to the point simple guide that is much needed in this industry,

    If only more people knew the simplicity of it then they could be earning more money and living an entirely differnt lifestyle instead of being ‘trapped’ in the 9-5 forever, as many mistakenly beleive.

    1. Terry59 Post author

      Hi Justin, I think that we’re all guilty of looking too deep into things, when you strip it back to its bare bones so to speak then everything becomes a lot clearer. But I think the big guru’s want us to think its harder than it is, otherwise we wouldn’t buy all their ” secret guides” all the time 🙂

  3. Paul Henderson

    yep, thanks for that Terry – it needn’t be as complicated as some would have us believe. It’s a simple enough system that has stood the test of time. Anyway, simple is best imo – especially for me – lol 😉

    All the best buddy,

    1. Terry59 Post author

      Hi Paul, yes me too, the more simple the better :-)as you said there ” some ” would have us believe that IM is a lot harder than it really is. Thanks for the comments mate and all the best to you too 🙂

    1. Terry59 Post author

      Hi Dave, thanks for that, if you look around there are lots of sites you can go to for checking out niches and thanks for the list mate. At the minute I’m using Omar Martins Buzzinar squeeze page templates and my next post will be all about squeeze pages 🙂


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