Creating Your Own Product…A Must…………………

Hi and welcome to this blog post, this post was inspired, and some of the E booksinformation has been taken from, Module Three of the “Digital Millionaire Boot-camp” part of Marc Milburn’s  Coaching Program, of which I am at present a student 🙂


Being an Information Marketer and Creating Your Own Product

We now live in an information age, where knowledge and information are power and one of the most valuable commodities available. Being an information marketer enables you to work from home or anywhere you want to  and potentially create thousands of dollars a year out of thin air. There is no packaging, shipping or warehousing to worry about, and you can sell the product over and over and over again.


So why create your own product?? 


  • If you want to make more than a few dollars online you have to create   your own products.
  • All of the highly successful people online are also product creators.
  • Your better off selling your own product, rather than someone else’s because then you make money from every copy you sell.
  • Having your own product can make you an authority and also increase your credibility in your chosen niche.
  • As a product creator you are able to recruit lots of affiliates to drive traffic to your product and thus reducing your traffic generating efforts.
  • You can create a virtually hands free business that, if done correctly will provide for you and your family for years to come.
  • You have complete control over sales, income and distribution.


So what type of products can you create??


The main types of products that you can create as an information marketer are:

  • E Books
  • Audios
  • Videos
  • Software.
  • Membership Sites
  • Webinars
  • Coaching Programs
  • Multimedia Products*

*Your Multimedia Product could consist of all your other products repurposed, with other things like mind maps and transcripts added.


So what are the steps of creating your own product??


The main steps for creating your own product consist of:

Step 1: Finding a Niche or sub niche.

Step 2: Deciding on the type of product i.e. E Book, Video etc.

Step 3: Researching your Niche.

Step 4: Creating the draft product.

Step 5: Editing, formatting and proof reading.

Step 6: Publishing the product.


But what if I can’t write 🙁

That’s not a problem at all, there are some ” Shortcut Strategies  that can be implemented to help with this problem.

Strategy #1   Using a Ghost Writer:

If you feel that your command of the English language is not fantastic why not hire a ghost writer to write your E Book for you. Places like the Warrior Forum, Elance and ODesk have lots of people just willing to produce an E Book, or even videos and software for you.


Strategy #2   Private Label Rights:

Private Label Rights products or PLR as it sometimes known, can also be used to produce your own products. But the two things I will say about using PLR is

  • Check your rights to edit or change the PLR
  • Make sure you change the title, images and a large part of the product to make it unique.

Check out this PLR site for lots of PLR products

PLR Wholesaler


Strategy #3   Interview an Expert:

If your not sure what to produce how about contacting two or three experts in your chosen niche and interview them. This can either be done face to face or via Skype, and this could either be an audio interview or a video interview. After that both you and the experts could share the product and market it to your respective lists.

Check out these expert interviews by Dawn Kay to see how easy it is to interview an expert.


Other types of products you could consider

  • Kindle E Books
  • Physical Products i.e. DVD’s Books, training courses.
  • Live Seminars.


So there you have it a quick and short run down of product creation and the reasons to create your own products, as I said at the begging of the post, ALL the successful marketers online have their own selection of products that they can sell over and over again.

Hope this helps

To your success

Terry 🙂



6 thoughts on “Creating Your Own Product…A Must…………………

    1. Terry59 Post author

      Hi Kelly
      Thanks for your kind comments, as I said in the post being in Marc Milburn’s coaching program has made me realize that one of the important things about I.M. is creating and selling your own products.
      Pleased you enjoyed the post 🙂
      Take care

    1. Terry59 Post author

      Hi Matteo
      Thanks for that mate, hope your enjoying the coaching program, like I am, I have got admire you, if English isn’t your first language. It must be difficult sometimes but you have done a great job on your blog.
      What I did with the post was print out the PDF’s of the presentation and then put it into my own words and it seemed to work OK 🙂
      Keep up the good work mate and see you on the next webinar 🙂


  1. Dean Thompson

    Hi Terry,

    Certainly one of the ways forward is to create your own product.

    As you mention, there are many avenues you can go down when creatng your product.

    With the different platforms available and the potential number of affiliates out there you can certainly be onto a winner.

    The only reservations I have, from a personal point of view, is to be able to create a good enough product that will stand the test of time.

    I look at certain products and think they’re just rehashed content. In other words there’s nothing really new there and I could imagine sales falling away pretty quickly.

    To me, it’s coming up with that unique idea that people will really take a shine to. I suppose you’ve really got to delve deep into your creative side.



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