Hitting the Wall and What to Do???

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Hi and welcome to my latest blog post, as you may have noticed I haven’t hitting wallposted to my blog for a couple of months and there are a couple of reasons for that.


  • Firstly I’ve been busy with the coaching program I’ve joined run my Marc Milburn.


  • As part of that coaching program we’ve been encouraged to build a list of subscribers and also start to create our own product.


  • I’ve had health issues which have kept me off work for a while.


  • Lastly and more importantly I think I’ve hit the “proverbial wall” yet again!!!!!


Now you may be thinking ” whats he mean by The Wall ??? and I will warn you now, I am going to be bitching and moaning a little, so if you want to click away then do so now.  I said in one of my first ever posts on this blog that you would get an account of my journey to success, or not, as the case may be warts and all, so here it is 🙂



So what am I bitching about, well, its like this, have you ever bought a new gadget or product and got really excited about it, brought it home, messed around with it, used it a few times and then one day you look at it lying on your table or floor and you think, mmmmm I don’t want to play around with that today. As the days go on you try your hardest to muster the enthusiasm to just have one more go with it, but try as you might, you just can’t get the motivation to do anything with it.  Now you’ve spent your hard earned cash on this thing, but still the excitement just isn’t there anymore, so you move onto something else.

Well that’s whats happened with me in the past and the previous coaching programs I’ve bought into, but let me just say one thing straight away, the coaching programs themselves have ranged from OK to brilliant, BUT, It’s been me and my motivation that has been the problem.  I must have spent hundreds of dollars on coaching programs etc, but I’m still in the position that I was when I started, well I tell a lie I’ve earned about $120 over the past five years, but I haven’t a bloody clue where from :-{


The trouble is I feel like I’m getting that same feeling yet again, I feel like I’m about to hit that “wall” but, I don’t want to feel like that.

  • Firstly because Marc’s coaching program is a fantastic program, we’ve only just started it and it sounds like there are lots more exciting things to come.


  • Secondly I know if I give up this time that will be it, I’ll never get involved in Internet Marketing again and I said as much to Marc when I first joined his program!!!!


So what am I to do about it????


Well I think the first think I should do is get my act together and stop bitching and moaning, then I think that I should clear my mind and go right back to square one so to speak.  What I mean by this is go back to being a newbie again, as if I don’t know anything at all, and start from the beginning.  Now that doesn’t mean I’m going to delete my blog and get rid of my small list of subscribers, having said that some people might agree with doing that, Marc did mention that in one of his first webinars!!!  But I think that I should get rid of all my websites I’ve accumulated over time which are not making me any money and get rid of any distractions that will take me away from the one thing I should be focusing on, Building My Online Business.


After all that’s what I’ve been looking for all these years, a way of making money and building a sustainable online presence so that I can give my family and myself all the nice things in life.

I also feel that another problem is motivation, what I mean by that is, if you look at a lot of successful people in the past quite a few were in real trouble before they made it, in debt, on the street, prepossessions, crap dead end job, sometimes when you’ve got a comfortable lifestyle a good job and money coming in, it’s as easy to just sit down and watch a bit of telly and surf the net rather than get stuck in and ” Build your business”


So that’s my rant over with for now 🙂 but why should you read my blog or listen to me, if all I’m going to do is moan and groan.  Well hopefully that’s not all I’m going to do, but I do feel that we all have to let off a little steam now and again and get things off our chest.  On the other hand there is no use me telling you that I’m this super duper successful Guru earning all this money if I can’t back it up is there.


So what do you think? as one of my readers I value your opinions and I’d loved to get your views on my post and also how you think I should improve things, so please leave a comment below and I promise I will read them all.

To your success

Terry Weatherill 🙂






8 thoughts on “Hitting the Wall and What to Do???

  1. Robert Watkins

    Hi Terry!

    Yep… I know exactly how you feel. I really am an expert at hitting brick walls… and I’ve got several T shirts (all covered in blood!) to prove it.

    A lot of it I think stems from the so-called “gurus” telling us how easy it is to make money online… if we just follow their systems.

    (I hasten to add that Marc Milburn DOESN’T try pull the wool over your eyes… He tells it like it is).

    The simple fact is that making money online is NOT that easy… If it were then everybody on the planet would be a millionaire! It actually takes work… And when you’re starting out that’s the last thing you want to do…

    And that’s the time when shiny objects start taking over as you look for an easy way out… I’ve got plenty of those T shirts too!

    But the more times you hit the brick wall the weaker it gets…

    Just hang on in there buddy… You WILL break through!


    1. Terry59 Post author

      Hi Robert
      Thanks for that mate, I know what your saying and you are completely right, I think we’ve all been victim of the bright shiny object syndrome.
      Like you rightly say if it were as easy as the ” Guru’s” make it out to be we would all be millionaires, but we still fall foul of their silver tongues 🙂
      As you’ve also stated Marc Milburn isn’t one of those so called Guru’s, I’ve known Marc for a number of years now and he is the ” Real deal” that’s why I joined his coaching program.
      I will hang on in there AND I will break through that bloody wall 🙂
      Thanks again Robert for your comment 🙂

  2. Matt Houghton

    Hey Terry,

    I know exactly how you feel mate this last two weeks has been the most unproductive since I started marketing, reading your post has just made me realize I’m not the only one who gets down about things.

    Keep your chin up mate you never know whats round the corner.:)

    1. Terry59 Post author

      Hi Matthew
      Yes mate your not the only one, I think we all have periods when we think ” What the hell am I doing this for” but like you say you just don’t know whats around the corner, keep at it mate 🙂

  3. Chris Cole

    Hi Terry, I know exactly what you mean. I think the brick wall is something that everybody seems to hit at some point (if not often).

    I also have spells of this where I seem to be frozen and cannot get anything done. I also have times where I am so creative that I have many ideas and I be very productive.

    I think this is something that we all need to learn to overcome, or at least push on and at least be a little productive every day. So taking a little action is better than taking no action.

    One of the ways I overcome this is that I will write and plan out my ideas during the times when I am feeling in top form. Then when I am looking at the wall, I still do a little amount daily towards my planned tasks, regardless of how I personally feel. 😉

    1. Terry59 Post author

      Hi Chris
      Thanks for the advice, I like your idea of doing just a little every day that sounds good advice.
      I suppose its like the famous question, ” How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time”
      A little every day goes a long way, hey I’ve just made up a new slogan 🙂

  4. Mark Salmon

    Hi Terry,

    Try to enjoy the journey and don’t beat your self up. They say it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert. Whilst Marc will help to short-cut that time, just keep putting the time in. Sometimes you will feel as if you are hitting your head against a brick wall for a long time and then a breakthrough will happen before you hit the next obstacle. I just hit the sales funnel brick-wall for at least 2 weeks but I know that if I keep working at it it will eventually ‘fall’ and then I can help others to surmount that obstacle. Terry I have spent 4 solid years trying to be successful – we haven’t failed until we quit, so just don’t quit and you can’t fail.

  5. Jesse Munguia

    Hey Terry, what can I say.

    Don’t give up buddy, I believe in you. You are so close and this is just another road block.

    I really have a good feeling about Marc’s mentoring program and I’m sure you are a success story on the rise.

    Keep at it buddy, you will make it!! 🙂


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