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Hi all and welcome to my latest blog post… I havn’t been very active on my blog recently mainly because I’ve been trying to re-do my latest product…

“The Rapid PLR Profit MasterPlan”

This product started life as a free report, with a video upsell on JV Zoo, and in keeping with the theme of the product, using PLR content, I found a set of PLR video’s.  These video’s explained how to find and re-purpose a PLR product and make it your own, so that’s what I did.  I managed to create an intro for the video’s and added it to the front and back of the video series… Check out the original video below…



Now I didn’t think it came out too bad really, but, my mentor Marc Milburn, had other ideas, he said it would be better if I got the video’s transcribed an re-recorded them in my own voice.  So after a little thought, I decided to do what he suggested, so I had the video’s transcribed by someone on O Desk for around $40, which I thought was quite good value, then set about creating the Powerpoint slides ready to re-record the video series.


Now in the original video series there were 8 video’s, but after a little thought and research, I’ve ended up with around 12 sets of slides ready to record.  Next came the job of recording the video’s with my own voice on them, well that’ll be easy I thought.  I’m used to standing in front of groups of people and talking, as I teach First Aid in my spare time, but… how wrong could I be, have you ever tried to record your own voice and then listen to it back, it was HORRIBLE!!!  But it can’t be that difficult I thought, I’ve listened to other people on video’s I’ve bought and they sound OK, my mentor Marc Milburn does them all the time, including webinars. Some of the other coaching students in the” Online Wealth Blueprint” coaching program have done them and they sound OK, so why can’t I do them??? so I had another go, and another and another. Let me tell you it’s not as easy as it looks, after about 5 or 6 attempts this what I came up with 🙁



Opinions were mixed, I added it to the OWB members group for feedback, and a great resource run by one of my fellow OWB students Matt Houghton called Matt Houghton’s Video Marketing Group, this is “the place to go” for tips and advice on video marketing…  The feedback ranged from ” not too bad” to ” good graphics poor sound” to ” how bloody boring you sound” 🙂 and after listening to it myself a few times I think the last one says it all…I SOUNDS SO BORING and un-enthusiastic.

Now I’ve used Camtasia to record the video’s with a HP headset and mic, and on the whole it seemed OK when I first recorded it, but when I listened to it back well… what can I say. So anyone out there whose thinking of creating and recording your own video’s, then go for it definitely, but… do some research first as to the best equipment to use, and check out Matt’s Facebook group for advice and tips.

So what’s my next step? well… I’ve already tweaked and played around with the audio and I think I’ve improved it a little.  But I’m going to have to re-record the video, with a little more excitement, commitment and enthusiasm.  After all would you buy a product from a man with a boring voice like that?? I think not 🙂  I’m also planning on recording a few short video’s, which I’ll probably post on this blog, as practice video’s to try and improve my ” speaking” on video and I might even do a face to face video if I feel really brave 🙂

Another great resource to check out is the blog of another one of my fellow OWB students, Chris Cole at, this guy is brilliant when it come to video’s he makes them look so easy 🙂

So that’s the end of my rant/moan for now, don’t forget to check out the resources I’ve mentioned and, I’d love you to leave a comment below, good or bad about this post and especially my videos 🙂

Cheers for now


5 thoughts on “Video Marketing-Creating your own video

  1. Ryan Phillips

    Great to see you taking action Terry! I remember the first time I recorded a video for some value content in one of my auto responder series and I dread to go back and listen to it now lol. I don’t even think I used a head set or mic back in the early days.

    Anyways, keep up the good work buddy.

    1. Terry59 Post author

      Hi Ryan
      It was great to meet you the other week at Marc’s get together and thanks for those words of encouragement mate, much appreciated. Yea I’m sure It’ll get better with time and like you I’m sure I’ll look back and cringe or laugh at my early efforts, it’s just a case of keeping on keeping on, thanks again mate 🙂

  2. Matthew Houghton

    Hey Terry,

    I can totally relate with you on hearing your own voice, the good thing is making an effort and getting whatever you’ve done out there listening to the feed back and making the changes on the next videos, each video will get better and your confidence will grow mate.

  3. Kevin Long

    Hi Terry

    Well done for keeping at it, if at first you don’t succeed…lol,
    I like the layout of your blog, very easy on the eye, and clear to navigate.
    Great meeting you at the ‘Super Saturday’ event with Marc, you guys gave me great inspiration to crack on with my products, thanks to you all, I now have a very successful Kindle publishing business.
    If I can help you in any way, give me a shout.

    All the best


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